Clean, Oil and Adjust (COA)



Flutes:                   $350.00                          
Harmony Flutes:  $390.00
Piccolos:               $290.00

COA includes a complete disassemble and cleaning of the instrument, body and keys.  Body and head joint are hand polished.  Complete cleaning of the inside tubing, posts and bearings.  Reassemble with new lubricant.  Replace questionable felts and corks, including the head joint cork.   Clean pad surfaces prior to re-seating and adjusting pads.  COA includes repair or replacement of one pad.  Re-skinning or replacing pads beyond this are subject to an additional cost listed below.  COA comes with a limited 60 day warranty
Flutes:                   $950.00                        
Harmony Flutes:  $1,100.00
Piccolos:              $800.00

Re-pad includes complete disassembly and cleaning of the entire instrument.  Polishing of the keys and tubing in addition to the body.  Pad type chosen by the client during consultation.  Fresh lubricant, new felts and adjustment material are installed.  key action regulated.  Limited mechanical work included.  Extensive mechanical modification as well as cosmetic repairs performed at additional cost per client approval.  Re-pads come with a limited one-year warranty.
Flutes:                   $1,100.00                    
Piccolos:               $950.00

An Overhaul returns the instrument back to an optimal mechanical and cosmetic condition.  The instrument is completely disassembled and cleaned.  The body and keys are polished by machine or hand depending on the type of material.  Felt or Straubinger pads are installed per client's request.   All felts are replaced.  Dents ad scratches are reduced.  Keys are regulated.

Additional Costs

New Head Joint Cork          $15.00
Replace Felt Pad:                $20.00
Re-skin Straubinger Pad:    $20.00
Replace Straubinger Pad:   $35.00
Hourly Shop Rate:               $90.00